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A searchable directory of services available in the Valley. Includes services from governmental and non-profit organizations.

Events (Coming Soon!)

From fund-raisers to informational meetings, this directory will help you keep abreast of what’s going on in our communities.
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Volunteer Opportunities (Coming Soon!)

Understand the current needs of various organizations and find long- and short-term volunteer opportunities.
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Explore the Faith-Based Directories

Churches (Coming Soon!)

Directory of churches and religious organizations. All religious organizations are welcome, and would be able to able to communicate their core beliefs via a Statement of Faith.
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Businesses (Coming Soon!)

All for-profit organizations are welcome, but this directory likewise allows those with religious convictions to convey them via a Statement of Faith.
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About Serve the Valley

Our goal is to connect the people of the Rogue Valley to the services and organizations that help them live better lives.

We’d like to become the most complete and trusted resource for services and organizations in the Rogue Valley.